In the beginning, Resistance School (RS) was a group of politically focused organizers who met at in-person lectures to learn of the best ways to create political movements in their communities.

From their website:

Resistance School was founded in March of 2017 by graduate students at Harvard who wanted to find a way to contribute to the wave of new and renewed political activism in communities across the country.

They offer videos, readings, and resources on topics like community organizing, communication skills, and electoral tactics. They equip participants with skills and tools needed to make the change they want to see and connect activists to organizations that are in need of support.

Utilizing only services such as Facebook Live to stream lectures and other social media to spread the word, Resistance School was able to gain the attention of media outlets, and sustain over 15,000 regular subscribers. It was obvious Resistance School needed to expand into their own platform.

I was initially brought on to support the visual design of particular assets and static information pages, however I was able to contribute my knowledge of UX design in the creation of user flows, and Information Architecture, as well as support front-end development on the new site.

The new platform was released in early July 2018.